Term Limits – Be Careful What You Ask For

As campaign “hooks” go, “Term Limits” always finds a receptive audience. The desire by an angered element of the electorate to rid itself of the other guy’s candidate lurks close to the surface in every campaign cycle. The vitriol on the right toward the Pelosis and Reids of the left is equaled by the like sentiments.. read more →

Federal Family

Some months ago at an industry conference, a mid-level staffer in one of the federal bureauracy’s ABC agencies revealed what few such employees have ever acknowledged.  In describing inter-agency communications and joint actions, this official freely and often referred to the federal “family.” In a room full of oil and gas Government Affairs practitioners, heads.. read more →

A Path Forward for the Least Among Us

The primary intellectual and vocational focus of the PolicySmith is energy, and the ways in which conventional fuels substantially better the lives of those who utilize them. With that in mind, I offer a new way of considering Black Lives Matter, and one that could embolden and improve the lives of a large sector of.. read more →

First time you, first time me…

“First time you, first time me.”  This quote, lifted from Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid as he expresses the same unfamiliarity with the workings of a karate tournament as his pupil Daniel-san, describes this blog and this post.  Freshly minted, the Policysmith has no dings, dents or negative feedback – yet.  This space will.. read more →

Oil and Gas Industry and Public Policy Veteran Announces Creation of PolicyWorks America, LLC

DENVER (March 1, 2017) – Jack R. Ekstrom, who recently retired from Whiting Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: WLL) as Vice President of Corporate and Government Relations, has launched PolicyWorks America.  The Denver-based consultancy specializes in advocacy for conventional fuels and energy production, creation of winning political strategies and advancement of corporate communication objectives. “Retirement certainly doesn’t.. read more →