Policy and Regulatory Strategy

PolicyWorks America maintains close relationships with leading public officials at the state and federal levels, with a focus in the natural resources sector. We understand, however, that relationships alone rarely suffice in terms of gaining approval for a project or campaign. Having a shorthand familiarity with key players facilitates project expediency, but without a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy, a compelling message and effective communication, relationships alone will not carry the day. PolicyWorks America ensure our relationships are utilized in service of a methodical and achievable plan and approach.

Third Party Advocacy

Engaging in issues of controversy, it’s not always possible (nor even advisable) to say exactly what you want to. The value in enlisting a savvy third party to make the points you want to make, is to allow our clients to maintain a distance and stand above the fray. A trusted third party can serve as the voice of sanity when the public discourse is at its most irrational, the voice of urgency in the face of intractability, or the voice of course correction when a project threatens to go off the rails. A third party voice adds values from another angle when you perceive all of your internal options have been exhausted.

Branding and Brand Management

We believe who you are should read loud and clear. No one should have to, or will, labor to understand who our clients are, what they do, or why our clients’ work matters. We will work with you to distill your story to its essential elements defined by clear, vivid language and a focused brand proposition. We want stakeholders with whom you regularly engage to “get” what you do immediately, and PolicyWorks America will help you get there.

Corporate Communication, Strategy and Audits

We understand that a communications program isn’t an end unto itself. An effective communications program must directly serve bottom line business goals. As an organization, do you wish to communicate more, and more effectively? Having worked in corporate communications for more than 40 years, we serve as your trusted outside counsel. We can provide a thorough, incisive assessment of your existing communications program — from Investor Relations to Emergency Response to Employee engagement. We will not uproot your existing program, but instead we will ensure your activities that provide the highest value are maximized while minimizing, eliminating or modifying those that don’t.

Political Campaigns

What does it take to win? PolicyWorks America drills down to the heart of an issue with that question foremost, and then crafts messaging and strategy in service of winning the hearts and minds of the electorate. Running and effective political campaign requires discipline. We are skilled and have broad experience overseeing a campaign’s many moving parts and offering unvarnished, unbiased advice to our clients.

Public Lands and Endangered Species Act

Multiple use of federal lands is under continuous assault by “Keep It In The Ground” activists. They employ “sue and settle” tactics in actions against the EPA and Department of the Interior. Suing to list plant and animal species as threatened or endangered is another favorite ruse to stymie recreation, minerals and extraction and grazing on the vast reaches of public lands in the Western U.S. PolicyWorks America has a long history of combating federal overreach and green zealotry. We have been instrumental in slowing implementation of Waters of the US (WOTUS), the BLM Venting and Flaring rule, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and permitting delays for BLM drilling permits. PolicyWorks America has a rich history of working with Republican Governors Assn, state attorneys general and state legislatures in neutralizing adventurous regulators and bureaucrats. PolicyWorks America has multiple avenues to pursue relief and recourse for our clients who face intransigent or hostile federal entities.