9/11: Being there — 12/23: Being here

Twenty-two years ago your scribe was in Washington, DC. On a beautiful Tuesday morning, standing curbside outside the Independent Petroleum Association HQ with my fellow Government Affairs practitioners, we were hailing taxis to the Hill. Just before 9am, IPAA’s Ben Dillon walked toward us waving us back into the office, “You’ve got to see this!”.. read more →

Paris Climate Accords: Paving the Road to Hell

Among the most shopworn and tired of aphorisms, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” quote is credited variously to Sant Bernard of Clairvaux around 1150, to Karl Marx among others, and a song by that title was penned by Chris Rea and released in 1989. A babe in the woods (and green.. read more →

Treaties, Accords & Agreements — Disgraceful History of Deliberate Deceit

Two “diplomatic” events early in the Biden presidency characterize the bald cynicism and deceit in diplomatic “agreements, accords and treaties.” An examination of the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline and the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accords define the U.S. decline in international standing. Both political moves are just that, nothing more. No wait, they’re.. read more →

The Carbon Capture Fantasy

Questions about emissions, the electric grid, fossil/organic fuels, the economics and governmental policies of all the above swirl around day after day with different actors waxing and waning on the carousel that is “climate.” Or CLIMATE! From Al Gore, The Science Guy, Greta Thunberg, John Kerry, Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich and carbon tax fans et.. read more →

The Departed — One Year Later

Nearly one year has passed since my friend John departed this life. Today I walked by what used to be his Arizona condominium — our dog Missy looked up the staircase she used to charge up to greet her pals Bailey, John and Pearl. Today she glanced up there and kept on walking, no doubt.. read more →

02 Mar 2023

A Nuclear Phoenix Arises from Clinch River Ashes

“Nuclear energy is a baseload — meaning its power that you can run anytime you want, day or night — and its carbon free.” Nathan Mhyrvold, co-founder Intellectual Ventures and climate change policy skeptic When all else fails, the U.S. turns to the right thing. For decades the NRC — the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (otherwise.. read more →

Murderous Quartet Warming Up for Main Event

The forces employing malevolence across the globe are warming up for the Main Event — confrontation with the Animal House that is Washington, D.C. Four singleminded, cold-eyed killers are in the final stages of the big push — not to annihilate the Free World, but to neutralize it in aid of imposing their leadership and.. read more →

2022 Mid-term Election: A Lose/Lose

The almost concluded 2022 mid-term election can be viewed with any number of outcomes. Republicans lost as their wave was barely a ripple, Dems lost the House and if Nevada and Arizona ever quit dinking around with their ballots both could declare Calvin Coolidge or Tom Dewey have won their electoral votes. But we digress… read more →

Double Whammy Today –Triple Play Looms

Mere days before the 2022 mid-term election, President Biden asserted that all of the coal mines in the U.S. would be closed and production of coal would end. One day before said election he stated emphatically there would be no more drilling for oil and gas in the U.S. It defies reason to believe he’s.. read more →

Matters of Convenience

Nothing unusual — in any given week most of us stop for gasoline at a convenience store — they’ve long since replaced service stations as the leading suppliers of gasoline. The average Joe or Karen might patronize the store for more than gasoline. Maybe a bottle of water, a lottery ticket, a diet Coke, Good.. read more →