Paris Climate Accords: Paving the Road to Hell

Among the most shopworn and tired of aphorisms, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” quote is credited variously to Sant Bernard of Clairvaux around 1150, to Karl Marx among others, and a song by that title was penned by Chris Rea and released in 1989. A babe in the woods (and green.. read more →

2022 Mid-term Election: A Lose/Lose

The almost concluded 2022 mid-term election can be viewed with any number of outcomes. Republicans lost as their wave was barely a ripple, Dems lost the House and if Nevada and Arizona ever quit dinking around with their ballots both could declare Calvin Coolidge or Tom Dewey have won their electoral votes. But we digress… read more →

Through the Eyes of a Septuagenarian: This Fractured Republic

The PolicySmith has in the course of jotting observations, mostly attempted even-handed examination of issues of the day. An overarching mindset is to call a spade a spade, if not a damned shovel. I invite this readership to take a virtual ride with me through some perspectives and reflections on the state of our republic.. read more →

30 Aug 2022

Part I of II How did we get here? Prelude to an American Dream/Nightmare

The PolicySmith has observed over the decades a certain element of US society pursuing the goal of the rest of the world embracing “how right and good we are.” How the US purity of purpose should be self-evident and if only they understood us the rest of the world, including Rogue States would embrace us.. read more →

The White House — Home to the People’s Choice (Part III of III)

Three More Years After decades in the Senate, two terms as vice president and a desultory campaign, Joe Biden entered the White House with the electorate’s understanding/support that he was not Donald Trump. The former president’s rants, self-absorption, and absence of any semblance of diplomacy doomed his reelection effort. Most voters simply had enough drama. Enter the.. read more →

07 Feb 2022

The White House — Home to the People’s Choice (Part II of III)

How Low Can You Go? REALLY!!!  The arrival of Donald Trump on the political stage coincided with the media’s anointing of Hillary Clinton as the next President. She would be the first woman President (Presidette?), she’d been a senator, Secretary of State, had lived through the vast right wing conspiracy and was hailed as the.. read more →

03 Feb 2022

The White House — Home to the People’s Choice (Part I of III)

(For Better or Worse) How in Heck Did It Get THIS Bad? Political discourse (dis-coarse!) continues descent to the depths of the chasm separating our nation’s two political parties. Can it go lower than a snake’s butt in a wagon rut? Sure. The animus goes beyond invective — elected officials (Maxine Waters, et al.) and political.. read more →

31 Jan 2022

Rx for the USA: More Indiana…REALLY!!

How in the world did this nation arrive at the point that a rather vanilla state – an island of bland tranquility residing in the middle of chaotic Great Lakes states – could be the model to remedy our national malaise? The PolicySmith offers the following for consideration.  Tumult is not Indiana – it has none.. read more →

Carbon Tax Follies

The PolicySmith has long admired the conservative commentariat that frequents the pages of the Wall Street Journal, National Review and the late Weekly Standard. New conservative voices, among them Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk, assure conservative perspectives will be given voice long into the future. Surgical skewering of the Left by Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg,.. read more →

A Pandemic of Hustlers…

After a year and a half of silence, the PolicySmith welcomes you. If you’ve visited previously, welcome back. If this is your first time, thanks for your interest. In previous posts we’ve examined issues ranging from government overreach, to the role of energy in our society and even the joys of ice cream and the.. read more →