Infidels at the EPA Inquisition

This is part 3 of a 3-part series. Concluding this examination of bureaucratic overreach at EPA is an exercise in reflection.  How did it get as far as it did?  What did the companies do wrong?  How could it have been avoided/settled/otherwise negotiated?  Questions, questions, questions. For commercial businesses, the court of public opinion, the.. read more →

EPA Pursues ND Oil Producers – Grow the Fiefdom (or not)!

This is part 2 of a 3-part series. Part 1 can be found here. Why would EPA target North Dakota in its vendetta against the domestic petroleum industry?  Texas and Oklahoma have historically been much more outspoken in opposing federal overreach.  Alaska’s delegation vehemently advocated for offshore access and North Slope exploration.  Hmmm…. It’s fair.. read more →

Down and Dirty on Clean Air

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. With Noble’s scalp hanging in EPA’s trophy case, the agency turned its sights on North Dakota Bakken shale producers.  For a variety of political motives that state had a bullseye on its chest.  North Dakota had risen from the backwaters of oil producing states to second behind.. read more →

The EPA Says: “Show Me the Money!”

At the end of May, an especially pointed essay by Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel examined the Deep State.  Here’s a link to this important work.  This entity is the government within government that is devoted to and pursues an agenda unto itself.  It is the government of fiefdoms, “federal family,” and wink-and-nod actions.. read more →

The BLM Angered

In the decades following enactment of the National Environmental Policy Act, its breadth and impact became a primary consideration and cost factor in virtually every development project across the U.S.  Increasingly empowered EPA staff grew their influence and oversight to an ability to virtually veto any project they did not favor, regardless of statutory requirements… read more →

Up From Fiefdoms

Four months in, the Trump Administration has no dearth of challenges and controversies.  Reams have been, and will be, written documenting chaos, real and alleged.  To energy producers and other businesses that have encountered the arrogance and morass of the EPA, the BLM, US Forest Service, OSHA, the Army Corps of Engineers and the legions.. read more →