Reform the Endangered Species Act?  Cue the Outrage/Hysteria/Handwringing *yawn*

In the 45 years since the Endangered Species Act was visited on the U.S., it has simultaneously ranked as the most revered environmental initiative and the most reviled.  How can such a well-intended statute run afoul of its laudable goals?  Easy, the devil as always is in the details. ESA enjoyed near unanimous support when.. read more →

Victory, Alaska!

Note to PolicySmith followers:  This post concludes our first calendar year.  Thank you for your interest.  There will be less frequent entries in the coming several months as we take some time away.  Look for a return in early spring.  Have a safe and prosperous 2018. The wild ride of this calendar year closes with.. read more →

The BLM Angered

In the decades following enactment of the National Environmental Policy Act, its breadth and impact became a primary consideration and cost factor in virtually every development project across the U.S.  Increasingly empowered EPA staff grew their influence and oversight to an ability to virtually veto any project they did not favor, regardless of statutory requirements… read more →

Up From Fiefdoms

Four months in, the Trump Administration has no dearth of challenges and controversies.  Reams have been, and will be, written documenting chaos, real and alleged.  To energy producers and other businesses that have encountered the arrogance and morass of the EPA, the BLM, US Forest Service, OSHA, the Army Corps of Engineers and the legions.. read more →

Prosperity for Bureaucrats

Following a round of minor health issues, a late spring snowstorm and assorted miscellaneous distractions, the Policysmith’s attention was drawn back to issues of the day.  But first a note and a tip of the chapeau to Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip.   On Sunday May 14, Mr. Adams lampooned the climate science.. read more →

Term Limits – Be Careful What You Ask For

As campaign “hooks” go, “Term Limits” always finds a receptive audience. The desire by an angered element of the electorate to rid itself of the other guy’s candidate lurks close to the surface in every campaign cycle. The vitriol on the right toward the Pelosis and Reids of the left is equaled by the like sentiments.. read more →

Federal Family

Some months ago at an industry conference, a mid-level staffer in one of the federal bureauracy’s ABC agencies revealed what few such employees have ever acknowledged.  In describing inter-agency communications and joint actions, this official freely and often referred to the federal “family.” In a room full of oil and gas Government Affairs practitioners, heads.. read more →