Robert Booth Fowler 1940-2024

Scholar, Professor/Teacher, Author, Enigma, Beloved Friend This truly whole, devout, charming, self-effacing gentleman quietly exited on a Saturday afternoon in mid-January. His hearty laugh and rapier wit silenced by an auto immune disorder with no known cure. We came to know Booth and his wife, Alice Honeywell, less than four years ago. Like many in.. read more →

17 Jan 2024

Accommodating a Void

PolicySmith Pays Tribute to Charles Krauthammer For most of the past year, viewers of Bret Baier’s Fox News Special Report have had to endure their favorite news analysis program without its titular head, Charles Krauthammer.  Viewers who embraced the erudite, thoughtful, sometimes curmudgeonly Krauthammer will grieve the loss.  The far smaller cast of poo-pooers of.. read more →

11 Jun 2018