01 Mar 2017

First time you, first time me…

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“First time you, first time me.”  This quote, lifted from Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid as he expresses the same unfamiliarity with the workings of a karate tournament as his pupil Daniel-san, describes this blog and this post.  Freshly minted, the Policysmith has no dings, dents or negative feedback – yet.  This space will from time to time hold forth on Energy issues, other issues of the day and a variety of subjects vital and pithy.

We expect the slings and arrows as we delve into Energy issues great and small – climate, oil and gas, nuclear energy, coal, energy prices, subsidies and public policy attendant to them all.  No apologies here for advocating for plentiful and reasonably priced supplies.  These commodities are the building blocks of prosperity, and we must work to get them.  That work involves digging and drilling holes.

Oil and gas exploration and production activities are vexing to a segment of society that enjoys their fruits but bemoans the process.  We’ll also examine these organized – and well-funded – opponents of conventional energy development.  We expect you will give voice to concurrence, your exceptions and your own insights.  And we may from time to time hold forth on issues great and small not directly involving Energy.

With 40+ years of experience on Energy and related fields of battle, we may be pretty set in our beliefs, but even the grizzled find new channels, new avenues  and even embrace “new” concepts…while blogging is hardly new, it is to the Policysmith, and from our Foothills of the Rockies viewpoint, it’s new to you…

As Miyagi said, “First time you, first time me.”


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