13 Feb 2023

Murderous Quartet Warming Up for Main Event


The forces employing malevolence across the globe are warming up for the Main Event — confrontation with the Animal House that is Washington, D.C. Four singleminded, cold-eyed killers are in the final stages of the big push — not to annihilate the Free World, but to neutralize it in aid of imposing their leadership and an overbearing influence on world affairs.

Number one is Chairman Xi of the PRC. His specialty is deflection and misdirection. Empty promises are his stock in trade. Sign an agreement relating to Hong Kong, then pretend it doesn’t exist. Claim Taiwan is historically a part of China and ignore its historical lineage as part of many entities down through history. Build islands out of nothing in the South China Sea and then claim they are part and parcel of the PRC.

Number two (fittingly) Vlad the Vile of Russia. A chilling insect of a man — a career spy with the bloodiest of hands who is adept at punching way above his weight Murder of political enemies by poison, torture, hanging, knife or gun are as routine as missile parades and vodkas all around. To save Ukraine from imagined Nazis, he must first destroy it and in the bargain decimate the populace he is “saving.” His forces of the inept, elderly conscripts, convicts and mercenaries steal and rape their way through the -skyys, -skas, -chenkos, and -chuks. Any wonder the Ukrainians are kicking the knuckle-draggers in their collective schvantzes?

Batting third is Ali Khameni, the Ayatollah and his jihad squad. Cut from the same cloth as Number two, his specialty is Muslim zealotry in pursuit of Middle East dominance. Quaint practices of this “Holy Man” include beating women who are not clothed to his liking, banning their education, lopping off heads, hands and other body parts for not toeing the line. He too specializes in nuclear treaties and agreements that weaken his opponents, and for which his adherence intent is zero. To boot, oil revenue is siphoned off to fund terrorists of all stripes. All this in the name of the Almighty — as described by Muhammed in the Quran. He of the eleven wives and two concubines.

Batting cleanup for the Four Horsemen is Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s equivalent of a three-old with a full diaper wielding a hammer. The outhouse that is North Korea is filled with maniacally applauding disciples relishing the fetid air of the place that grows ever-more fragrant with every threat and bellicose outburst. This man-boy murders family, political opponents and ordinary peasants by gunning them down with a howitzer, public hangings and beheadings. It’s clear from video footage that his minions have been won over by his poise and charm.

There are pals of these four — Bashir Assad, the Cuban popgun corps, Maduro in Venezuela, the Belarus Hitler look-alike Lukashenko and some others who would cheer on the madmen from the sidelines.

And with whom are these murderers to square off? The U.S. clown show from Animal House! Here are just a few of those charged with our defense and law enforcement. Number one authored the pullout from Afghanistan, and assigned number two to cure U.S. ills at our southern border…and now our northern border is leaking. Number three kindly informed us that busloads of Chinese something-or-other have routinely been entering our airspace and our crack team of defenders finally retaliated when the citizenry observed it. Otherwise we’ve done bupkis.

Why would the Murder Inc. crowd take action now? Their relentless pressure constantly applied has revealed the essential weakness and lack of will to respond to: China’s Belt and Road initiative, Iran’s flouting of nuclear accords, Russia’s invasion and sabre rattling and North Korea missile launches. Instead the Biden administration is fixated on climate change, bathroom usage, defunding police, the hesitation waltz with funding Ukraine, ignoring our border sieve with drugs, criminals and spies pouring across for months on end…and these are just for starters. Further, our political parties are at war with each other with established institutions of law enforcement and intelligence having smeared smearing a previously sitting President, now a repeat candidate. A bellicose iconoclast of a man who spent four years in office with one hand on the pulse of America and the other holding a mirror in non-stop self-adoration. It was a long, hard-fought battle, in the end the mirror won.

Our Animal House is peopled by the unserious, the weird, the absurd and the incompetent, not to mention blithering idiots…plus countless combinations of all the preceding. The wreckage is is plain sight and the wastrels in charge are having one helluva toga party. Busloads of equipment in our airspace? Umm, let it go until it gets out to sea and sends Beijing the full monty of intel. President Joe-boy in his aviators and unbuttoned shirt gapes at the pretty balloon while he cools it in his Vette next to his cheat sheets. He’s majoring in gibberish, mental hiccups and is laser-focused on resort fees, running up debt and letting anybody in who wants in. Merrick Garland is a new iteration of Wally Cox’s Mr. Peepers and Lloyd Austin can’t get a phone call answered. Meanwhile Nancy P flaps her hands on the way out, Maxine W. makes with the vitriol and Sen. Patty M, the bag lady-lookalike prowls for more handouts for her minions. Second in command smug and smarmy Chuckie hectors one and all, while his wingman Dickie D pontificates on pontificating and the rest of that crowd does a credible imitation of Star Wars bar.

The above occupies our fiddling emperors while our power grid experienced a record number of attacks in 2022. Would our enemies send agents across our borders to plot debilitating outages in an already shaky system. Could they scope out our water supplies and demise them? Drugs killing our kids? The rejoinder to that from on high is everyone has a right to choose and a war on drugs is a right-wing plot. Covid…would China visit this plague upon us, not to mention its own people? They wouldn’t want to gauge our response to a pandemic would they? Would they kill a few million of their own? Have they ever done so before (Tianamen)?! Could have they have Covid Chapter II waiting in the wings? Why would they buy U.S. farmland near military installations? Are their balloons innocently recording weather data? Perhaps they’re circus sideshow attractions gone awry. The reality is every avenue to gain the upper hand for the PRC is exploited — stolen technology, spying, the hand outstretched is not for a handshake — it’s a one-two punch of thievery and menace.

Meanwhile minority leadership over in Omega House is holding secret ceremonies — mumbling incantations about fiscal responsibility, military preparedness and other non-starters in fruitless appeals to a misinformed and disinterested public. And oh yes, they’re swatting each other, before heading to dinner with their dates awaiting in the parlor — Dana Perino, Aisha Hasnie, Shannon Bream, Emily Campagno and a late addition, Tulsi Gabbard. At least the minority Omegas have that going for them.

The relentless pressure relentlessly applied by the murderous quartet will continue. China wants Taiwan as they wanted Hong Kong. Russia wants the Ukraine and took part of it in 2014. Putin’s delusion about the Great Russian Empire is just that — a collection of -stans,-ruses and -yas that cannot defend themselves against the Bear. Throw in the Baltics for good measure. The Middle East zealots will carry on with their devilish ullullating and the “Death to America, the Great Satan” routines while they rain own particular forms of hell on their citizens and enemies alike.

A view outward from our quartet’s perspective…

Xi sees threats everywhere — a Taiwan potentially bristling with western weapons, Japan on the rise, Australia, Canada and the U.S. wary and India to the west not exactly friendly. Kim to his north is spoiling for a fight and unless kept under strict orders might ignite the fuse too soon. His buddies in Tehran are doing a nice job of occupying U.S. attention though they’re weakened by sanctions and domestic unrest. Russia is dumping in its own mess kit with the Ukraine fiasco…spending their limited funds — to boot their sucking resources from the PRC’s stocks.

A critical look by those four at the U.S. must indicate that the time to strike is before the 2024 election, but perhaps during election season when some sort of crisis/diversion would be most disruptive. Water infrastructure, the grid, cyber attacks and hacks all are on the table as potentially effective handicaps to any U.S. response to any number of incursion targets or aggressive moves. Xi knows Biden is little more than a feckless blowhard. Xi’s decision will likely be cemented by the U.S. Afghan fiasco, Biden’s personal dealings in China and his many mental lapses. China’s infiltration across U.S. borders provide intelligence previously much more difficult to access.

Here at the PolicySmith, we fear the next 18 months will see a blow struck unlike any since 9/11. We hope — and pray — we are wrong. If so, we’ll be the first to celebrate…probably by quaffing a couple of cold ones while watching Animal House!

Post script 2.14.23 — Right on cue, the U.S. begins puncturing balloons and the PRC lodges a totally believable claim (winky winky) that the U.S. has been floating balloons over the PRC for more than a year. The PRC counted 10 of these, but curiously, never mentioned them until the U.S. began puncturing theirs. And in further developments, the president of Moldava said that nation’s intelligence service confirmed Ukraine intel that Russia plotted to “…overthrow the constitutional order, to change the legitimate power from Chisinau (Moldava’s capital)to an illegitimate one.” President Maia Sandu continued, “(would) put our country at the disposal of Russia in order to stop the European integration process.”

Note to those opposing support for Ukraine: They are fighting our proxy war with the barbarous cretins in the Kremlin. The bear will eat until it’s put down. It is incumbent on the U.S. to support Russia’s opponents to fullest we are able. And, equally as important pressure must be brought to bear on every single NATO country to pull its weight. The U.S. has sheltered these nations under its tent and charged little to nothing for its safety. It’s time they assisted in putting up the newest tent poles.

4 Responses to Murderous Quartet Warming Up for Main Event
  1. Comment *Very frightening thesis and one that cannot be ignored. I wish folks would put the partisan poison arrows down and reflect on this situation.

    Ford’s EO 11905 needs to be rescinded. My two cents anyway.

  2. Comment *
    Jack: Perhaps you are right. Probably you are right. And I really enjoyed (oops wrong word) your hard-hitting (shall I say) analysis. Good to have someone firing sharp arrows of his own toward the dangerous (or too undgngerous :Biden)’leaders’ out there. But some of us, as you know far too well, just won’t and don’t want to face reality.

    • Alas indeed. The sea is rolling and the currents are clashing. The tides of wimps, wokes, zealots and bedwetters tears at reason and logic that have been our havens for succor and shelter. The assaults from without aren’t nearly as fearsome as the assaults from within. These assaults echo of Rome. The hordes from without attacked a rotted husk of a formerly great society. One asks what Russia really gains if it acquires Ukraine…what does China really acquire if it assimilates Taiwan. The gains are illusory, as are whatever gains are perceived by U.S. electrification sans raw materials, infrastructure and supply chain to support it. We are experiencing massive exercises in self-congratulation for actions and policies that diminish us. I feel like the Weather Channel reporter reporting in the wind and rain of a hurricane…the storm is upon us and the emperor has no clothes, much less a raincoat or umbrella..

  3. Another reflection, another day. Personally, my fictional hero is Dr. Rieux of Camus’s THE PLAGUE. He keeps on going, working against the plague, no matter what ,even as it inevitably comes and goes, but never ends. But nowadays I feel more like a little cork in a huge sea, and when I read entries like this one, where the sea is roiling big time, I find I am less like the Dr. Rieux I should be and more like a cork who seeks a quiet pond. Alas.


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